Our consultants have been helping students get into their top choice undergraduate and graduate programs over the last twenty years.  Our goal is to make sure no stone goes unturned in determining the best way to position our clients' stories. Each client is unique and our solutions are uniquely tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. We take on a limited number of clients every year. Your success is our number one priority.

Crimson & Ivy was founded by Cristina Castellano, a Harvard graduate and Wharton MBA, who sees access as the main divider amongst students of equal potential. She joined forces with a group of passionate Harvard graduates who have multiple Ivy League degrees and believe in education as the great equalizer. No client should should face a disadvantage in the application process because of unfamiliarity with the process or lack of mentorship.

Think of us as your coach and unrelenting champion during the arduous and lengthy application process. We will help you Jump In, push you to Reach Higher and help you Cross the Finish Line.

Our consultants have successfully maneuvered the admissions process to top schools not once, but several times over.  We are proven insiders and we want to give you the Inside Advantage.

Recent Admits

Boston University, Brandeis University, Brown University, Brown Program in Liberal Medical Education, Brandeis University, Cornell University, Columbia University, Dartmouth University, Duke University (Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship), Emory University (Merit scholarship), Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University (Merit scholarship), Tufts University, University of Florida Honors Program (Presidential Scholarship), University of Pennsylvania (Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program), Vanderbilt University, Washington University in St. Louis, Yale University



"...Crimson & Ivy worked tirelessly with me to get into my top choice schools."

-Duke Admit

"My consultant really gave me honest feedback on my application essays... she was very accessible through email and even called me throughout the application season to make sure I stayed sane."

-Brown Admit, Program in Liberal Medical Education (8 year direct medical school program)