Comprehensive/Full Service

Our Comprehensive/Full Service packages include everything from strategic planning to essay editing to interview prep. Crimson & Ivy consultants take on a limited number of Comprehensive/Full Service clients a year.

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We are happy to work within your budget. Our consultants are available to work on an hourly basis. From an initial overall assessment to target school selection to quarterly sessions for those who want to plan ahead, our services can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our hourly rate starts at $265/hr for the first four hours (2 hr minimum). Additional hours can be added at a discounted rate.

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The essays are one of the few components on the application where you can truly differentiate yourself. Why not have a seasoned second pair of eyes review it and make sure you are representing the absolute best version of yourself?

Our editing services are priced based on word count. We suggest submitting all your essays for one school at once. We also review one page resumes.

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Interview Prep

Don't sweat it. Are consultants have served on admissions interview committees and know the do's and don'ts of the admissions interview process. We are here to help!

Resume Editing

Your one page resume allows you to highlight experiences in a way that isn't conveyed by your essays or the regular application format. Let our consultants show you how to shine.

Recommendation Selection

Are you unsure of how many recommendations you should get or whom to chose? Your recommendations should offer additional insight that bolsters your application. Let us help you choose.

Initial Overall Assessment

The initial assessment is one of the most valuable services we provide. Whether you are early in the process and have room to make changes or you are ready to apply, let our consultants give your their honest opinion and help map out your strategy.

Planning Ahead

There is no better strategy than starting early. Our consultants provide a detailed initial assessment and follow up with quarterly check-ins to make sure you are on the right track.


Don't let a waitlist decision hold you back. We can help you craft an appropriate and enthusiastic update that will bolster your application.

Transfer Strategy

If applying as a transfer is your second shot at getting into a top school, we want to help you. Our counselors are comfortable with turn around stories or challenging cases. Contact us early and we'll help you plan ahead.

International Applicants

Our consultants work with clients from across the globe. Dubai, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and China…and the list goes on. We also speak Spanish and Portuguese.

Standardized Testing

Don't let your scores get in the way of getting into your choice of school. We can help you plan an efficient studying strategy that will get your scores up.