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Our hourly rate starts at $265/hr for the first four hours (two hour minimum). Additional hours can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Here is a sample of services we provide and the required hours typically provided.

Overall Initial Assessment - 3hrs
Transfer Strategy - 3hrs
Waitlist Strategy - 3hrs
Essay Review (one school) - 2hrs
Standardized Testing Strategy - 2hrs

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Please note the following -

  • 2 hour minimum purchase.
  • No refunds on hours purchased.
  • Time on and offline count towards total time spent.
# of hours Rate Total Select Package
2 $265/hr $530 Buy Now
3 $265/hr $795 Buy Now
4 $265/hr $1,060 Buy Now
5 $260/hr $1,300 Buy Now
10 $255/hr $2,550 Buy Now
15 $250/hr $3,750 Buy Now
20 $245/hr $4,900 Buy Now


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